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 AmericaPlast TV Channel

AmericaPlast TV Channel

AmericaPlast TV Channel, the flagship channel at the AmericaPlast TV hub, brings to you all the relevant information for the plastics industry, including Breaking NEWS, LIVE events coverage, LIVE interviews and more.

AmericaPlast TV at K -2016

AmericaPlast covered the most important Trade Show of the industry LIVE bringing to you Breaking Newss, Press Conferences coverage, LIVE interviews, technical notes, etc. 

LIVE Interview 

AmericaPlast visited Dow Chemical's Booth at
the K 2016 Plastics fair Show in Dusseldorf, GER
  1. Inoex at NPE 2015
  2. Milacron at NPE 2015
  3. Beckhoff Blow Molding Machines - Interview
  4. ULTRASIM PU HD Video-article
  5. Nanox at AmericaPlast e-Conferences
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